IO-16DI-E - Module IO 16 kênh Digital Input

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This Remote IO Modules based on Ethernet Modbus TCP communication for Data Acquisition and Control Systems.
These IO Modules offer good reliability, easy for installation, easy Maintenance. Extremely cost-effective modules for industrial measurement and monitoring applications. They can be easily added to the existing RS485 or Ethernet Modbus network.

Different types of IO Modules are available for the users to select as per their requirements.

All Modules are having LED indications for monitoring the status of digital inputs & outputs and fault diagnostics.Special modules are available with interchannel isolation between channels.

Modbus TCP modules have Ethernet interface with Modbus TCP protocol.


  •  Modbus TCP Modules for Data Acquisition and Control Systems
  • Extremely cost-effective modules for industrial measurement and monitoring applications
  • A wide range of modules for various digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • Wide range of baud rates available in Modbus RTU modules
  • Built-in web server in Modbus TCP modules for Monitoring real-time data and configuration
  • Isolated modules available for special application
  • User-friendly Setup software for Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Optional Data acquisition software for data acquisition and analysis on PC
  • Interface with field devices to provide real-time data for SCADA/PLC/HMI
  • Integration with the 3rd party software via Modbus TCP Protocol
  • Front panel status LEDs on every module for digital IO status, communication, and power supply
General Specification
ParametersModbus TCP IO Modules
InterfaceEthernet Modbus TCP
Communication Speed10/ 100 MBPS
Operating Temperature-10℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature-40℃ to 85℃
HumidityUp to 95% Non-condensing
MountingDIN Rail
Weight105 grams
Dimensions( W*H*D)23*109*98 mm
Approval StandardSafetyIEC950
ConnectorsEMCIEC 61000-4-2-A1 Level2, IEC 61000-4-3-A1 Level2, IEC 61000-4-4 Level3, CISPR 11:1997-A1, EN55011:1998 Group1 Class A 
Input18 Way screw connector on front
CommunicationRJ45 on topside of the unit
Logic Power4 Pin Connector on bottom side of unit


Type of ModuleDigital Input
No. of Channels16
Power SupplyLogic Supply Voltage12 to 24 VDC
Logic Supply Current75mA @ 12 V / 39mA @ 24V
Field Supply VoltageN.A.
Field Supply CurrentN.A.
No. of Digital Inputs16
Input Voltage Range12 to 24 VDC
Input Current Per Input5mA@ 12 VDC / 11mA@24VDC
Input Impedance2200Ω
Counters (Filter Disabled)Inputs1 to 16
Resolution32 Bits
Frequency1 KHZ (Max)
Pulse Width500μs (min)
Retentive CounterYes
Output TypeOpen Collector Transistor
No. of OutputsN.A.
Output Specification
Output Voltage
Load Current
Isolation between Field and Logic1500 VRMS

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